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Weekly Comics Report - June 12 2011

Every week is some new comics and every week I'll have some reviews on some choice comics. I won't get to all of them, but I'll choose some comics I looked forward to and give my verdict. Also, some of them may be late - I may have missed a week on a comic maybe. either way, enjoy

Fear Itself: Deadpool #1(of 3)
Writer: Christopher Hastings
Art: Bong Dazo, Joe Pimentel, Matt Mill; Cover: Stegman, Babinski, & Rauch
Marvel $2.99

I'm happy to say that I was really pleased to newcomer Hastings to this tie-in book. I'm even more happy because I originally didn't intend on buying the book, I got it my mistake. What impressed me the most was Hastings honest to the character and what he's all about. I had some laugh out loud moments with all of the shenanigans that Deadpool pulls with the villain he's manipulating with one of the "hammers" that falls in front of him. And even the villain, The Walrus (I guess he's a Spider-Man guy) is written pretty awesome with all of his mischief. Without giving too much away, the Walrus gets his hammer and is met with The Spectre of Mass Destruction and has to head to Cimarron, New Mexico to wreak havoc. Then enters Deadpool. Pretty much my favorite book of the event so far. Much better than the main book to me.

Samurai's Blood #1
Writer: Owen Wiseman
Art: Nam Kim, Matthew Dalton, Sakti Yuwono
Image $1.00

This was a great suggestion from the guys over at Paradox Comics this week. And for a dollar it was too good to pass up. Throughout the book it's fool of anecdotes that tell the story of what the Samurai's code and sense of honor as well as what's going on with the story beautifully. The story takes place in the Edo Period and the story starts off with the Sanjo clan in danger from within. With no provocation things get out of control and three teenagers are introduced to a world of violence. And with that introduction the teenagers (Jun, Katashi, and Yuko; left to right on cover) relationships must change. The new Daimyo is now lord over his new samurai and the sister of one and lover to the other must guide him to be the best samurai. Wiseman get's into many themes of the time and does so effortlessly through the narrative. Gender roles, the roles of man and woman, and how to deal with growing children for that time peroid. It was a well written period-fiction and I'm defiantly wanting more of it.

Who Are The...Mystery Men #1 (of 5)
Writer: David Liss
Art: Patrick Zircher and Andy Troy
Marvel $2.99

Well this was a big heap of fun. An in-continuity super hero crime book is awesome and Liss does a great job. Everything from the language of the time (which was funny. Some of that needs to be brought back) art was just the bees nees. Also what is great to me is the vigilante disguises! They're all well made suites! Just great. The heavy inks provided the necessary darkness the series seems to be heading toward, especially with the great demon that appears in the story. The main character's family is a pretty connected man in New York City at the time and he's the vigilante known as The Operative. The story stays on pace with lots of action and conspiracy. Towards the middle we meat the villain, a man in a collective of other normal humans that control the crime on the Eastcoast with powers granted to him by a demon, but not too much about their relationship or the extent of his powers are brought to light just yet. The book also speaks to the race relations of the time which comes into perspective with a mysterious, cloaked avenger called The Revenant who happens to be Black. And he's the strongest hero so far!

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1 (of 3)
Writer: Tony Bedard
Art: Ardian Syaf & Vincent Cifuentes
DC Comics $2.99

Isn't it great to see Aquaman on a cover again? Looks pretty badass, right? If you read the first issue of Flashpoint then you'd know that Aquaman is at war and he's sunkin Europe in efforts to stop....(I really don't know. Either I've missed it or has yet to have been said why). In this first issue we find out the events leading up to the sinking of the continent and how it is done. Also, Ocean Master serves the Emperor, a byproduct of the event. Aquaman, the King, is a master manipulator and Bedard makes a point to disguise that in that he doesn't give too much out in the first chapter. What we do find out, in just snippets, is that the war between him and the Amazon's is a fixed marriage for power gone wrong and other little pieces that will keep you wanting more. Syaf's art is all business in this book. Everyone, as they should, drawn in the book has a stern look on their face and Syaf keeps that going on through the whole book. Making decisions about your nation can't be an easy thing after all. And you can pretty much see deception in Mera's face as soon as she tells King Brion about this alliance Aquaman want's to have. It's really exciting.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1 (of 3)
Writer & Artist: Scott Kolins
DC Comics $2.99

This places the leader of Flash's Rogues, Captain Cold, in a world where he the reluctant hero with a chip on his shoulder and a deep secret of Central City. The city is attacked by Dr. Freeze and to protect the city and Citizen Cold has to kill him to save it? Yes, and the public is okay with that. And who else but Iris and Wally West to show up to get the scoop on the latest development. If you've been following Geoff Johns run on the Flash then you'd be familiar with the rogues seeing as that none of them change that much. Iron Heights is Iron Heights and the Rogues are as bad as ever and are plotting something big for our would-be hero. Cold is pretty much the same too, he still likes his hookers and parties. And the feelings for his sister is going to play a big role in this tie-in. Especially after she's on the news that same night about some family business. Kolins does a great job with the writing, as well as the art too. I would say that his inking makes the book kind of rough, but Cold is a rough man to deal with. All in all, it was a good read, and it let us know about one of the former speedsters.

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