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Weekly Comics Report - June 19 2011

Every week is some new comics and every week I'll have some reviews on some choice comics. I won't get to all of them, but I'll choose some comics I looked forward to and give my verdict. Also, some of them may be late - I may have missed a week on a comic maybe. either way, enjoy.

Kirby: Genesis #1
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Art: Jack Herbert and Alex Ross
Dynamite Entertainment $3.99

The story takes place in Minnesota with college brainy kid Kirby and childhood, hot friend Bobbi. If you ready Kirby: Genesis #0, then you'll get a pretty good feel of how they both grew up and where they've gone since star gazing from their front porch as children. They both made it to college, and as stated before about who they are, their dynamic is great! A college kid trying to make heads or tails out of things, trying to cram all this work for test in an impossible semester., who's into show's like Chuck. We don't get a real good guage on how smart Bobbi is, but she can't be dumb to make to where she has. But, she'd rather party and try to get Kirby out of his shell. Also looks like she want's to get him laid too. Then, when these large, majestic figures appear in the sky, all eyes are to the sky, then their world begin's to change. Building's come out of no where, technology buried deep in the earth, space ship's land and start attacking people. Now Bobbi want's to go on an "adventure" with Kirby to see what they can find, but Bobbi is more connected than anyone could dream of.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #10
Writer: Rob Williams
Art: Matteo BuffagniRiley RossmoCris PeterRiley Rossmo; Cover: Giuseppe CamuncoliFrank Martin
Marvel $2.99

After the great story in this series 9.1 special, questions about Daken's future was put into question. Where would he go once he left Madripoor and how would he handle himself? Well in issue 10 all of those is answered. Daken is ready to set the city of Hollywood ablaze by taken down the baddest and consuming a new drug called Heat that beats his healing factor. The drug has a profound effect on a person's perception's and with skills like Daken's that could prove deadly. I like how Rob is setting Daken apart, even more, from his father Wolverine. It set's up well for deeper story telling in the future. I also like how the law is presented to. Nothing special about the team except that an FBI agent has been tailing Daken for a long time and is getting closer to him. All in all, except for some of the sketchy time lapses, it was a pretty fulfilling read. The art was great. Daken looks insane in every panel, like he could do anything at any moment. 

X-Men #13 (2011)
Writer: Christopher Yost
Art: (NOW) Paco Medina (THEN) Dalibor Talajic
Marvel $3.99 (dammit)

In this months issue we find out more about the so called Evolutionaries. Their just that, evolution, and their goal is protect the next step in evolution from any threats. In their second meeting with the X-Men now want to remove Scott Summers/Cyclops from the picture so the "leader" can lead mutant's, excuse me "homo superior", can take over once humanity is destroyed. When the story flashes back to the first encounter with with the Evolutionaries, this issue, focuses on the Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutant's. Yost does a great job of showcasing Magneto's dominance and presence during. All of the art is pretty much awesome. My only hangup of the issue is the end. Some other mutant's on the island begin to attack Celeste, it just seems out of place to me. Not that it couldn't happen for what they want, but the why. I also don't reconize them. But I'm looking forward to next issue. I'm expecting greatness!

Ghost Rider #0.1
Writer: Rob Williams
Art: Matthew Clark, Sean Parsons, Robert Schwager
Marvel $2.99

Johnny Blaze is a paranoid, redneck with powers of the occult to take down evil and sinners. The book starts out action packed with Johnny talking about how bad a job being Ghost Rider is. Then when he's just Johnny, he's pathetic. He doesn't know what to do. He seem's as if he wants to die. Well, he end's up getting his chance of sorts. A way to get rid of the Ghost Rider. No tricks by some demon. It just seems like a regular older dude that sees the need to help him, but he's know's a lot, but Johnny doesn't question it. Also, this connects to the event Fear Itself, so the guy who want's to help Johnny, Adam, is connected to the Serpent somehow so that is worth exploring...if the main book Fear Itself crawls out of it's ass so we know why the Serpent is doing this and his history with Asgard and Odin. The art is sort of, I guess, cool. But it's so much cooler when it's Ghost Rider in the panels. Maybe that was done on purpose. I won't spoil the ending, but I'm curious to see what happens now. I thought there where two Ghost Riders.

Avengers (2011) #14
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: John Romita JR, Klaus Janson, Dean White
Marvel $3.99

Bendis still going strong heading into the Fear Itself tie-in for the flagship Avengers book. Interviews with the Avenger's team, in the past and present (I'm assuming), is proving to do very well at showing us what an Avenger is and how the Red Hulk is proving himself to be an Avenger. The thing get's himself one of them hammers and turns into a engine of carnage and destruction. The way Bendis writes the story makes Red Hulk so heroic. Fearless. Brave. All those good words any of us would want in a hero. And then JRJ's art is phenomenal as usual, with Janson and White on the assist. It was a great read this week.

Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #2 (of 6)
Writer: Sean McKeever
Art: Mike Norton and Veronica Gandini (colors)
Marvel $2.99

If you got into Marvel's Avengers: The Initiative series from two years ago then your going to love this. Newcomers should also. Since the hammers of the Serpent are falling everywhere and the avatars are so powerful, it's all hands on deck. We see the result of what happens to Thor Girl (worst name ever) as she's carted off to the clink by the leader of the Initiative, Prodigy. It's for the camera's he says till everything blows over. It's sort of believable how everyone mistakes TG's paper-weight of a hammer for a tool of destruction. It's the fear I suppose. And the fact that is isn't that many up close pics of the Serpent's avatars for the public to see. There are some interesting appearences in this issue, so how that turns out will be anyone's guess. It's enough to see how it turns out.

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