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Weekly Comics Report - June 5 2011

Every week is some new comics and every week I'll have some reviews on some choice comics. I won't get to all of them, but I'll choose some comics I looked forward to and give my verdict. Also, some of them may be late - I may have missed a week on a comic maybe. either way, enjoy

Flashpoint #2
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope,
Alex Sinclair
DC COMICS $3.99 (holding the line? smh)

So it's part two in this event and I have to say while it's good, It's doing a lot with incorporating other  story lines from the new world of Flashpoint into the main book - they should be left in the tie-in book. There are a lot of pages dedicated to this and it should be more focused on Barry, at least THE FLASH (any of them even though I'm not getting how ZOOM is doing any of this if Barry isn't a speedster...remains to be seen). Then comes Thomas Wayne as Batman, I love it...well, the idea. I do feel like his eagerness to help Barry so quickly after he mentions Bruce and Barry's new found knowledge so quickly is a cause for concern, but I think Johns can clean that up nicely. And speaking of nice - the Kubert art. It's always spectacular. The cover alone is great, although he makes Barry look like a really young guy. I know the speed force keeps them young but man! I'm going to finish the series and some choice tie-ins though, can't back out now before the big reboot. And knowing Johns, this is going to be relevant to DC for a long time.

X-Men #12
Writer: Christopher Yost
Art: (NOW) Paco Medina (THEN) Dalibor Talajic
Marvel Comics $3.99

Now this is just a good story. I'm really glad that Yost is back with the X-Universe (I'd like to Craig Kyle with him on something soon too). This leaves off from the Giant Size X-men that was released a few weeks ago. This week we get a some more information about the Evolutionaries. Things like how long they have really been around and what they are, but not much. Keeps you wanting more. The whole chapter this week is full of tension, when it breaks everything goes out of control and Cyclops is trying to keep everything together for the sake of getting past this, but the Evolutionaries have a big problem with Cyclops role the past few years and plan to take him out for it. What's also really interesting is Archangel. Outside of X-Force you don't see him at all, you just see Warren, so I'm eager to see what's his role in this arc. Without being super nitpickey, my only criticism is when Talahjic draws Angel. I just fel he draws his wings too small.

Writer: John Rozum
Art: Frazer Irving
DC Comics $2.99

Rozum is really good at making David a hero. The not not quiting in front of impossible odds deal does not fall short with him and is emphasized throughout the narrative. He's up againsted in incarnate of rage and he's not stopping, while the Maranatha is beating him to a pulp. Coupled with the great art from Irving, I believe it's a great series with a lot to offer for DC. I wonder if this is one of the titles in the reboot...I mean it just started. Anyway, it's a great read

S.H.I.E.L.D. vol. 2: The Beginning of The End
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Art: Dustin Weaver and Sonia Oback (colors)
Marvel $3.99

The Forever Man aka Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarrotti Simoni is the focus of this story. His part he's played in young Leonid's life is revealed as well as his history with S.H.I.E.L.D. and it seems to me that he's the most important character so far. Things are put into place because of him and the way it's written, now that I think about it, means that he could be a bad guy, or rather on a side of his own. He's a man a being that is facilitating everything and is in there to council Leonid. Waiting to see how he handles it will be fun to read. What's weird is Leonid's mother - a gross looking alien, and Newton had him and he still looked human, but with powers. (hmmm..) Hickman didn't linger on that too long and that made way for decisions that impacted the present war in the book. Also, it's great for new readers since it gives a brief description of some the great minds of history as related to the story in the back, I liked that a lot.

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