Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adam Carolla talks to Stephen Mitchell, Dir. of Kings of Leon doc

I can say now that I'm not that big of a rock fan. However, I can rock to it and can rock out with the best of them to some great tunes. I'm not the biggest Kings Of Leon fan either. I really don't know anything about them save for a few songs. Now you may ask why I'm posting something about them. I do like KOL's music but moreover,I've learned to trust every podcast of Adam Carolla to prove entertaining. When I started listening to the interview I heard so much sincerity in Mitchell's voice about these young men. I learned so much from the interview and I'm sure you will too. The doc. Talihina Sky premires on Showtime Aug. 21st. For more info about the interview, visit Adam Carolla. The interview stops being totally about KOL about 25min in. All great though.

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