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Weekly Comics Report - August 7 2011

Every week is some new comics and every week I'll have some reviews on some choice comics. I won't get to all of them, but I'll choose some comics I looked forward to and give my verdict. [I'm still working at it, so forgive the inexperience]. Also, some of them may be late - I may have missed a week on a comic maybe. Either way, enjoy.

FLASHPOINT #4 (of 5)
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Andy Kubert, (Inker) Jesse Delperdang, & (Colorist) Alex Sinclair
DC Comics $3.99

Winding down the series and into the the DCnU has been one big ride. Ups and downs. Big moments to very underwhelming moments. This is what I feel about this book. This book had all of that. Nothing overly exciting happened. Without giving too much away, I was very happy to see the Marvel Family in the mix. I also liked the need Barry felt to jump in the war between the Amazons and Atlantis. These is a great shot of Aquaman and Wonder Woman fighting drawn by Andy Kubert, which is probably the best scene in the whole book this week. It was exciting. That's Kubert's art for you. EPIC! Gonna get the last issue too. You should to, it leads right into Justice League #1 [2011] for the DCnU in September. 8/10

Ultimate Fallout #4 (of 6)
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis (Spider-Man), Johnathan Hickman (Reed Richards), Nick Spencer (Valerie Cooper)
Art: Sarah Pichelli, Salvador Larroca, Claton Crain
Marvel $3.99

First off, congratulations to Marvel for Miles Morales, the Black (bi-racial) Spider-Man. He made his debut this week. This is big! This means a lot. The story for his debut was cool. Nothing more, nothing less. It was written in typical Bendis fashion, with a lot of words in and throughout the action. I like Sarah Pichelli's art also. Her pencils are beautiful for the new Spider-Man title. I didn't like the colors though. They were a bit dark, and considering the debut was short and not heavy on any major topics, it could have been done without. Now, for Hickman's return of Reed Richards story - great! I know I didn't like when Reed turned bad, but now I'm warming up to it. He's still a genius and believes he's doing the right things. He's a man now and Richards is moving forward like everyone else. Larocca's art was great, as usual. No disappointment there. And then there's Spencer's Valerie Cooper story. I have to say that it was king of on the boring side. It was all build up till the end. The flow was nice and it kept a nice pace throughout, so it wasn't awful. And actually, in a subtle way, it sets up a lot for what's going to happen in his Ultimate X-Men title he's going to be writing. Something else I really loved this week in comics was some of Clayton Crain's artwork. Haven't seen him around since his X-Force, Vol. 4: Necrosha days with Yost and Kyle. (Great read by the way). [P.S. - Nyugen and Ferry wasn't in this book for whatever  reason. I wonder why that was. Clayton and Larocca did a great job!]

The Punisher #1 [2011]
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art: Marco Checchetto, Matt Hollingsworth (Colors)
Marvel $3.99

I'm a really big Punisher fan. I figure any incarnation of him is worth checking out. In the right hands, he's great, as established by Garth Ennis in the MAX series of books. With a writer like Rucka, a man who's experienced in crime and noir books, this was a great choice. With this books debut, I feel it was the best it could have been. It wasn't awful. At first, the sequencing was confusing, but getting in you get who's who and what's what. What concerns me more is how long this title can stay afloat. It does great in the MAX series, but in the normal Marvel Universe, with alls that's going on, it can fall short. Anyway, it's started off great, and for new readers it's not hard to get into. Checchetto's art on the Punisher is great. Makes him seen bigger than life when he appears.

S.H.I.E.L.D. vol. 2 #2
Writer: Johathan Hickman
Art: Dustin Weaver
Marvel $2.99

There are so many different layers in this book it's crazy. It's phenomenal how Hickman infuses so many elements into this book without it being lost in it's translation. The continuty of the Marvel universe being mashed together beautifully with the ideals and history of our world. Don't get me wrong, Life-Model Decoy's do not actually exist (that we know of), but Hickman makes us believe that da Vinci created the first one! The war between ideas, the war between Newton and da Vinci, is told so well, in that it makes you feel that you need to choose a side just for your own sake. Then they'res Dustin Weaver...probably a very large reason why the book is succeeding. His art is incredible. His layouts are just great! I wonder what Hickman asks him to draw for the the words he pens? That must be a very interesting process. Great read.

X-23 #13
Writer: Marjorie Liu
Art: Phil Noto [cover: Kalman Andrasofszky]
Marvel $2.99

I really like Ms. Liu's take on Wolverine's clone. Making X a teenage girl, just trying to find who she is beyond the trained assassin has been a very enjoyable ride. Now X and Gambit finds themselves in New York City, a city with some history to X and potentially new allies in Spider-Man. Liu's take on Spider-Man was a very nice compliment to X, him being the experienced adult  in a save-and-rescue mission in downtown New York. The way the person react's to X saving her is really funny, also so is the dialog between X-23 and Spider-Man. With Spider-Man's history with the Wolverine, Liu exploits that with Spidey needing to be on his toes about himself around her. He trust her, but she's still new at this. I like Noto's work in the book also. His attention to the feel of the situation transmitted to the characters face is done very well. He keeps X-23 looking very serious all the time, but also unsure of herself in any given moment. I hope more people pic up the book.

American Vampire: Survival Of The Fittest #2 (of 5)
Writer: Scott Snyder
Art: Sean Murphy
Vertigo $2.99

I'm a new reader to this title and I took a chance on this because I've heard good things. So the cheapest way to dive into the American Vampire was to get hip to this mini-series. I love it. Two issues in and close to no appointment's. I do feel that I'm missing something with the relationship between Skinner Sweet and Felicia, the female lead, but that's to be expected. No big complaints, as to everything else is set up brilliantly. The little mishap with the Nazi's and it's resolution by Cash was done beautifully. I'd expect nothing less. Quite funny too. Murphy's art work is quite breath-taking as well. All the characters pop out the panels against the monotone backgrounds. Great read!

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