Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Andrew Lindy's I Think I'm Love Ep. 1-4 [Video]

Andrew Lindy, before his travels across the world to meet beautiful woman and exporing their dating cultures, was just a guy in New York City looking for woman to date and photograph after he and his girl broke up. He meets some stunningly beautiful, exotic woman on his journey. Andrew makes it seem like meeting models is something he'd rather not do, but, it's not like we all get to do that. I see where he's coming from though, I'm sure you will too. He needs to provide tips on getting chicks though. LoL. Catch the other episodes after the jump!


All episodes are from Andrew Lindy's Travel Bum
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  1. these little videos are pretty good i like them

  2. the one where you try to hit on the 14 yr old that was so funny lol