Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tony Williams - Another You feat. Kanye West

I love this record. I'm not too sure who Tony Williams is (I just thought he was a guy who's been around Kanye West and the team for a long time), but this is making me want to check out his project King Or The Fool , which is available now on iTunes. The album art and tracklist is after the jump. Thank DDotoman

Download - Another You feat. Kanye West [Prod. BINK!]

Buy/Download - King Or The Fool [Amazon] | iTunes

1. One is Two (prod by John ‘Cheese’ Williams)
2. Everything About You (prod by Haskel Jackson)
3. World To Me (prod by RonKat Spearman & Tony Williams)
4. Another You ft. Kanye West (prod by BINK!)
5. Sleepover (prod by Rachard ‘Chardy Roc’ Williams)
6. Wake Up Girl (prod by Kanye West)
7. Mr. Safety feat Raheem Devaughn & Stokley Williams (prod by No I.D.)
8. This Place (prod by Warryn Campbell)
9. All The King’s Horses (prod by Devo Springsteen)
10. I Know You Missed It feat John Legend (prod by Hit-Boy)
11. Dreamin’ of Your Love 2012 ft. The Kid Daytona (prod by Kanye West)
12. The Crown (prod by Tony Williams)
13. King or The Fool (prod by Chris ‘Cutta’ Baldwin)
[Some solid production and features huh?]
from DDotoman

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