Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weeknd - Thursday (Mixtape)

Finally! I waited an hour to dl this. Abel and OvO XO don't disappoint either. And really, I thought it would just drop later today, but it came out of no where just like House Of Balloons with some of that goading by Drake. Speaking of Drizzy, he appears on the album (which is what it really is) also. Seems like a fan favorite too. It's a bit different to it's predecessor, House of Balloons, in it's feel, it's slightly different. A new story. Which is alright because you still get that drug induced, Weeknd, party, love gain/love lossed, sex music we all love from him. Enjoy! UPDATE: Stream after the jump!
all production by Doc McKinney
Download - Thurdsay [mixtape] | Alt. Link

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